What is the Verona Cup?

Verona Cup is an international soccer tournament for boys and girls aged 10-19 who loves to play football, have fun and create societies around football. At the Verona Cup it’s important to win, but it’s most important to have fun.

When and where?

The Verona Cup is held in the middle of October in the area around Verona and Lake Garda. An area that is well-attended by many tourists and where the climate is snug, the atmosphere is relaxed and the nature around is incredibly beautiful-a perfect place for a football tournament.

Why participate?

Verona Cup is a youth football tournament that wants to strengthen cohesion and football games at the same time. It’s an obvious opportunity to get on a social football journey, so pack boots, rails and goalkeeper gloves … for football matches and new friends are waiting!

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Verona Cup

The Verona Cup is a true football festival for all boys and girls playing for cups and prizes, and where we always have fun!

See You to the next Verona Cup?

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We back up the Verona Cup

The following Superliga, 1. Division and 2. Division clubs support the tournament and encourage their cooperation clubs to participate.

International football tournament

More than 900 clubs from the following nations have participated:

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