Thanks to all of you…
… players, managers, coaches and fellow travelers, as well as our large team of helpers and referees. Together you made it possible, against all odds, to hold a serious football tournament at Lake Garda in week 42!

Winners 2021
Below you can see the winners and the 2nd places in all the finals during the 2021 edition of the Verona Cup – and not least who was chosen as the player of the match in the individual finals. Congratulations to you all!

Winner Boys U13 (8:8) A-Final Thorsager Rønde IF II. Mathias Runge (Thorsager Rønde IF II)
2nd Boys U13 (8:8) A-Final Thorsager Rønde IF
Winner Boys U13 (8:8) B-Final Kolding Boldklub U12 Tobias Hugo Alsted (Kolding IF U12)
2nd Boys U13 (8:8) B-Final BK Hellas
Winner Boys U13 A-Final FC Nakskov I Noah Mortensen (FC Nakskov)
2nd Boys U13  A-Final Humlebæk BK
Winner Boys U13 B-Final Sirmione Calcio Davor Divkovic (Sirmione Calcio)
2nd Boys U13 B-Final US Cadore I
Winner Boys U14 A-Final BK Stjernen Mohammad Adriis Al-Mir (Lyseng IF)
2nd Boys U14 A-Final IF Lyseng
Winner Boys U14 B-Final Stavtrup IF Jonathan Moshage (Stavtrup IF)
2nd Boys U14 B-Final Stavtrup IF II
Winner Boys U15) A-Final FK Odsherred Lukas Jacobsen (FK Odsherred)
2nd Boys U15 A-Final Lystrup IF
Winner Boys U15 B-Final AB Tårnby Mikkel Reinholdt (AB Tårnby)
2nd Boys U15 B-Final Humlebæk BK
Winner Boys U15 C-Final Nykøbing FC II Ulrik Frost (Nykøbing FC)
2nd Boys U15 C-Final AB Tårnby II
Winner Boys U17 A-Final Snekkersten IF Bertram Sørensen (Snekkersten IF)
2nd Boys U17 A-Final FC Nakskov
Winner Boys U17 B-Final Thorsager Rønde IF Gustav Holst (FK Odsherred)
2nd Boys U17 B-Final FK Odsherred
Winner Boys U19 A-Final Humlebæk BK Oscar Thrane (Humlæbæk BK)
2nd Boys U19 A-Final Mejrup GU
Winner Boys U19 B-Final FK Odsherred Benjamin Prestov (HK Odsherred)
2nd Boys U19 B-Final US. Cadore
Winner Girls U13 (8:8) A-Final Stavtrup IF Sofia Luzi (US. Cadore Verdi)
2nd Girls U13 (8:8) A-Final US. Cadore Verdi
Winner Girls U13 (8:8) B-Final SUB’88 Caroline Andersen (SUB’88)
2nd GirlsU13 (8:8) B-Final US. Cadore Nere
Winner Girls U14 (8:8) A-Final Mejrup GU Lea Højgaard (Mejrup GU)
2nd Girls U14 (8:8)  A-Final Desenzano Calcio
Winner Girls U14 A-Final Mejrup GU Lærke Højer (Mejrup GU)
2nd Boys U14 A-Final Castelnuovo Calcio
Winner Girls U14 B-Final Ravnsbjerg IF Alberte Berntsen (Løgstør IF)
2nd Girls U14 B-Final Løgstør IF
Winner Girls U15 A-Final ASD Cortefranca Calcio Alberte Meedom (Ravnsbjerg IF)
2nd Girls U15 A-Final Ravnsbjerg IF
Winner Girls U15 B-Final Dragør BK Ida Øe ((SUB’88)
2nd Girls U15 B-Final SUB’88
Winner Girls U16 A-Final Greve IF Alberte Josefine Nielsen (Greve IF)
2nd Girls U16 A-Final Stavtrup IF
Winner Girls U16 B-Final BK Hellas Vera Vibæk (BK Hellas)
2nd Girls U16 B-Final Snekkersten IF
Winner Girls U18 A-Final Snekkersten IF Julie Abkjær (Raklev Kalundborg GB)
2nd Girls U18 A-Final Raklev Kalundborg GB

Verona Cup 2021