Thanks to all of you…
…players, managers, coaches and fellow travelers, as well as our large team of helpers and referees. Together, you helped make this year our biggest football tournament with 3300 travelers!

Below you can see the winners and the 2nd places in all the finals during the 2022 edition of the Verona Cup – and not least who was chosen as the player of the match in the individual finals. Congratulations to you all!

Winner Boys U12(8:8) A-Final Frederikssund FB 2 Tino Jensen (Frederikssund FB)
2nd Boys U12 (8:8) A-Final US Sirmione U13  
Winner Boys U12 (8:8) B-Final Frederikssund FB 3 Gabriel Sommer (Frederikssund FB)
2nd Boys U12 (8:8) B-Final Peschiera D.G.  
Winner Boys U13 (8:8) A-Final Frederikssund FB Thomas Thomsen (Frederikssund FB)
2nd Boys U13 (8:8) A-Final Castelnuovo (IT)  
Winner Boys U13 (8:8) B-Final US Sirmione (IT)  
2nd Boys U13 (8:8) B-Final Frederikssunf FB Alberte Klunaris (Frederikssund FB)
Winner Boys U13 A-Final Kolding IF Sebastian Knudsen (Kolding IF)
2nd Boys U13 A-Final FC Nakskov  
Winner Boys U13 B-Final Kolding Boldklub Amar Haskic (Kolding BK)
2nd Boys U13 B-Final Castelnuovo (IT)  
Winner Boys U14 A-Final FC Ølstykke 1 Waldemar Madsen (FC Ølstykke 1)
2nd Boys U14 A-Final Løgum IF  
Winner Boys U14 B-Final Dragør BK David Grothe Mikkelsen (Dragør BK)
2nd Boys U14 B-Final Bjerringbro IF  
Winner Boys U14 C-Final Løgum IF 2 Maja Paysen (Løgum IF 2)
2nd Boys U14 C-Final Team Østvendsyssel 1  
Winner Boys U15) A-Final FC Århus Syd 1  
2nd Boys U15 A-Final Stavtrup IF 1 Laurits Nørsøller (Stavtrup IF 1)
Winner Boys U15 B-Final Tuse IF 1 Emil Larsen (Tuse IF)
2nd Boys U15 B-Final Korup Ubberud IF  
Winner Boys U15 C-Final Tårs Ugilt IF Emil Pedersen (Tårs Ugilt IF)
2nd Boys U15 C-Final Helsinge Fodbold  
Winner Boys U17 A-Final Lystrup IF 1 Daniel Fisker (Lystrup IF)
2nd Boys U17 A-Final FC Silkeborg 2  
Winner Boys U17 B-Final Team Østvendsyssel Frederik Vestergaard Jensen (Team Østvendsyssel)
2nd Boys U17 B-Final Herlev IF  
Winner Boys U17 C-Final Løgum IF Marwan Abdulahi (Løgum IF)
2nd Boys U17 C-Final HEI  
Winner Boys U19 A-Final Humlebæk BK Sebastian Antons (Humlæbæk BK)
2nd Boys U19 A-Final Tuse IF  
Winner Boys U19 B-Final Svenstrup Godthåb IF Christoffer Tommerup (Svenstrup Godthåb IF)
2nd Boys U19 B-Final Team Østvendsyssel  
Winner Girls U12 (8:8) A-Final Vejle Boldklub Karla Thygesen
2nd Girls U12 (8:8) A-Final Desenzano Calcio (IT)  
Winner Girls U13 (8:8) A-Final HooGee GrIFK (FI) Jenna Vuori (HooGee GrIFK)
2nd Girls U13 (8:8) A-Final Vejle Boldklub U12  
Winner Girls U13 (8:8) B-Final Gødvad IF 1 Natalia Zdunska (Gødvad IF)
2nd GirlsU13 (8:8) B-Final Mørke IF  
Winner Girls U14 (8:8) A-Final PK-35 Helsinki (FI) Anna Lehtonen (PK-35 Helsinki)
2nd Girls U14 (8:8) A-Final TRIF  
Winner Girls U14 (8:8) B-Final FC Århus Syd 1  
2nd Girls U14 (8:8) B-Final PK-35 Helsinki 2 Maiju Mäki-Leppilampi (PK-35 Helsinki 2)
Winner Girls U14 A-Final Dalum IF Alma Gram (Dalum IF)
2nd Boys U14 A-Final Brønshøj BK  
Winner Girls U14 B-Final HooGee GrIFK Linnéa Panelius (HooGee GrIFK)
2nd Girls U14 B-Final Tjæreborg IF  
Winner Girls U15 (8:8) A-Final Frederiksværk FK Ellen Hansen (Frederiksværk FK)
2nd Girls U15 (8:8) A-Final Tuse IF  
Winner Girls U15 (8:8) B-Final Bording IF Simone Trolle (Svenstrup Godthåb IF)
2nd Girls U15 (8:8) B-Final Svenstrup Godthåb IF  
Winner Girls U15 A-Final Team Odense Q 1 Clars Grau (Team Odense Q 1)
2nd Girls U15 A-Final Viborg Q 1  
Winner Girls U15 B-Final Frederiksværk FK  
2nd Girls U15 B-Final Team Odense Q 2 Frida Prescott (Team Odense Q 2)
Winner Girls U15 C-Final Kirke Helsinge IF Amalie Andersen (Kirke Helsinge IF)
2nd Girls U15 C-Final Fjerritsslev FI  
Winner Girls U16 (8:8) A-Final Løgum IF Mille Tyhesen (Løgum IF)
Winner Girls U16 A-Final Viborg Q 1  
2nd Girls U16 A-Final Dalum IF Karla Have (Dalum IF)
Winner Girls U16 B-Final Gødvad IF Anita Madsen (Gødvad IF)
2nd Girls U16 B-Final FC Århus Syd  
Winner Girls U18 A-Final Korup Ubberud IF Alberte Jul Anderschou (Korup Ubberud IF)
2nd Girls U18 A-Final Greve Fodbold  

Pictures from this year’s tournament can be seen in our gallery.