Thanks to all of you …

… players, managers, coaches and and our large team of helpers and referees. Together, you made the big tournament a success for the 9th consecutive year! We hope to see you all again for the 10th edition of the Verona Cup in 2020 … it will be great!

Winners 2019

Below you can see the winners as well as the 2 places in all the finals during the 2019 edition of the Verona Cup – and not least who was named the player of the match in the individual finals. Congratulations to you all!


Winner & Runner Up Club Player of the Match
Winner Boys U/11 (8:8) A-Final FMK Stupava (SL) Giovanni Salvatore (FMK Stupava (SL))
2nd Boys U/11 (8:8) A-Final Nexø BK (DK)
Vinder Boys U/11 (8:8) B-Final FAMT Presov (SL) Giovanni Salvatore (CastelnuovoSandra (IT))
2nd Boys U/11 (8:8) B-Final CastelnuovoSandra (IT)
Winner Boys U/12 (8:8) A-Final Nexø BK (DK) Magnus Olsen (Nexø BK (DK))
2nd Boys U/12 (8:8) A-Final CastelnuovoSandra (IT)
Winner Boys U/12 (8:8) B-Final HG Herlufsholm (DK) Zagros Özdemir (HG Herlufsholm (DK))
2nd Boys U/12 (8:8) B-Final HG Herlufsholm II (DK)
Winner Boys U/13 (8:8) A-Final SCC Giurgiu (RO) Andrei Lupo (SCC Giurgiu (RO))
2nd Boys U/13 (8:8) A-Final ASD Lazise (IT)
Winner Boys U/13 (8:8) B-Final FMK Stupava (SL) David Hablovic (FMK Stupava (SL))
2nd Boys U/13 (8:8) B-Final CastelnuovoSandra (IT)
Winner Boys U/14 A-Final Herning Fremad (DK) Nikolaj Andersen (Herning Fremad (DK))
2nd Boys U/14 A-Final HG herlufsholm (DK)
Winner Boys U/14 B-Final KP-75/TuPS (FI) Elisey Merzlyakov (KP-75/TuPS (FI))
2nd Boys U/14 B-Final Jerne IF (DK)
Winner Boys U/14 C-Final IF Alliancen (DK) Mathias Reese (Solbjerg IF (DK))
2nd Boys U/14 C-Final Solbjerg IF (DK)
Winner Boys U/15 A-Final Thorsager Rønde IF (DK) Nicklas Glarman (Thorsager Rønde IF (DK))
2nd Boys U/15 A-Final Nykøbing FC (DK)
Winner Boys U/15 B-Final Kollund Lind GF (DK) Benjamin V. Nielsen (Kollund Lind GF (DK))
2nd Boys U/15 B-Final Tuse IF (DK)
Winner Boys U/15 C-Final Nørresundby FB (DK) Magnus Trinskjær (Nørresundby FB (DK))
2nd Boys U/15 C-Final Voersaa IF (DK)
Winner Boys U/17 A-Final Hørsholm UI (DK) Sebastian Nastasijevic (Hørsholm UI (DK))
2nd Boys U/17 A-Final Hørsholm UI II (DK)
Winner Boys U/17 B-Final FC Kirkkonummi (FI) Lauri Kanerva (FC Kirkkonummi (FI))
2nd Boys U/17 B-Final FA’2000 (DK)
Winner Boys U/17 C-Final Mejrup GU (DK) Mikkel Hansen (Mejrup GU (DK))
2nd Boys U/17 C-Final Team Østvendsyssel (DK)
Winner Boys U/19 A-Final Snekkersten IF (DK) Rune Noah Thorlak (Snekkersten IF (DK))
2nd Boys U/19 A-Final Aalborg Freja (DK)
Winner Boys U/19 B-Final Baldo Junior Team (DK)  (Dronningborg B (DK))
2nd Boys U/19 B-Final Dronningborg B (DK)
Winner Girls U/13 (8:8) A-Final FC Thy Piger II (DK) Asta Thrane (Nørrebro United (DK))
2nd Girls U/13 (8:8) A-Final Nørrebro United (DK)
Winner Girls U/13 (8:8) B-Final FC Thy Piger (DK) Nana Billesøe (Nørrebro United II (DK))
2nd Girls U/13 (8:8) B-Final Nørrebro United II (DK)
Winner Girls U/14 (8:8) A-Final Husum BK (DK) Sandra K. Hansen (Husum BK (DK))
2nd Girls U/14 (8:8) A-Final Ulstrup IF (DK)
Winner Girls U/14 (8:8) B-Final Team Østjylland (DK) Veronica Baffo (US Cadore (IT))
2nd Girls U/14 (8:8) B-Final US Cadore (IT)
Winner Girls U/14 A-Final Mejrup GU (DK) Emma Nielsen (Mejrup GU (DK))
2nd Girls U/14 A-Final FC Thy Piger (DK)
Winner Girls U/14 B-Final FC Thy Piger II (DK) Mie Kristensen (FC Thy Piger II (DK))
2nd Girls U/14 B-Final Bjerringbro IF (DK)
Winner Girls U/15 A-Final Lynge Broby IF (DK) Kristine Andersen (Lynge Broby IF (DK))
2nd Girls U/15 A-Final FC Thy Piger (DK)
Winner Girls U/15 B-Final Mejrup GU (DK) Karoline Riberholdt (Mejrup GU (DK))
2nd Girls U/15 B-Final FC Thy Piger II (DK)
Winner Girls U/15 C-Final Brande IF (DK) Ida Rasmussen (Brande IF (DK))
2nd Girls U/15 C-Final Herlev IF (DK)
Winner Girls U/16 A-Final Mejrup GU (DK) Tida Sido (Mejrup GU (DK))
2nd Girls U/16 A-Final FC Thy Piger (DK)
Winner Girls U/16 B-Final Team VAB (DK) Mathilde Kvist (Team VAB (DK))
2nd Girls U/16 B-Final. Team Østvendsysel (DK)
Winner Girls U/18 A-Final Chievo Woman (IT) Nicole Croin (Chievo Woman (IT))
2nd Girls U/18 A-Final Lynge Broby IF (DK)
Winner Girls U/18 B-Final Team Østvendsysel (DK) Amalie Tsattris (Team Østvendsysel (DK))
2nd Girls U/18 B-Final. Toreby Grænge BK (DK)