Tournament rules

Verona Cup is an international youth tournament for boys and girls aged 10-19 years. In all age categories, the tournament begins in group matches, after which the tournament goes to knock out matches, meaning each team is guaranteed more games in the tournament. In addition, several teams can move on from the pools, as the Verona Cup both contain an A and B tournament and its finals. In all A and B finals there are players Man of the Match awards, and free tickets for next year’s Verona Cup.

For the Verona Cup it is possible to participate with 5-, 8-, and 11-men’s teams, depending on age category. However, for certain age categories, it is possible to choose between playing 8- and 11-man tournaments, as shown in the tables below. In the 11 men’s matches, 2 x 20 minutes are played, and in 5- and 8-game matches 2 x 15 minutes are played.

In all age categories, both boys and girls, it is possible to use 2 age dispensations per match that can be up to a year older.


U/19 born after 01.01.2006 (11:11)
U/17 born after 01.01.2008 (11:11)
U/15 born after 01.01.2010 (11:11)
U/14 born after 01.01.2011 (11:11)
U/13 born after 01.01.2012 (11:11)
U/13 born after 01.01.2012 (8:8)
U/12 born after 01.01.2013 (8:8)
U/11 born after 01.01.2014 (8:8)
U/10 born after 01.01.2015 (5:5)


U/18 born after 01.01.2007 (11:11)
U/16 born after 01.01.2009 (11:11)
U/15 born after 01.01.2010 (11:11)
U/14 born after 01.01.2011 (11:11)
U/14 born after 01.01.2011 (8:8)
U/13 born after 01.01.2012 (8:8)
U/12 born after 01.01.2013 (8:8)
U/11 born after 01.01.2014 (8:8)
U/10 born after 01.01.2015 (5:5)

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Tournament Rules Verona Cup 2024

§ 1 – Organization
The Verona Cup is organized by SportConcept in collaboration with Costantino Falsiroli.

§ 2 – Categories / Tournament Form (see above)

§ 3 – Club participants
It is not allowed to insert players from other clubs during the matches. You can only use players from your own club. If a dispensation is granted for this rule, the player during the tournament can only play for the team for which the dispensation is granted.

§ 4 – Participant list
Before the tournament start, and latest by departure for Verona Cup, a complete team list (full name and date of birth) has to be sent digitally to the tournament secretariat by filling out this form >> The participant list is final and thus changes from the participant lists are not allowed. Additionally, it is not allowed for any players to play for more than one team during the tournament.

§ 5 – Replacement of players
In the 11: 11 categories it is allowed to use 16 players per. match in the 8: 8 categories it is allowed to use 13 players per. match, and in the 5: 5 categories it is allowed to use 10 players per. match. That is, 5 replacement players per. match in all categories.

§ 6 – Offside 8:8
The rule is not applied.

§ 7 – Corner Kick 8:8
The corner kick is carried out from the corner where the side and finish line meet. Opponents must be at minimum 7 meters from the ball.

NB: For the youngest players (U10, U11 & U12 vintages), the corner kick is taken at a point on the finish line between the sideline and the goal square.

§ 8 – Classification
There are 3 points for victory, 1 point for draw and 0 points for lost match.
In case of teams being level on points, the following applies to decide placings:
– Result of match between teams
– Goal difference
– Most goals scored
– Penalty shootout
NB: In the event of an odd number of teams in the groups, the average number of points per played group matches determine the ranking of Best No. 1, Best No. 2, Best No. 3, Best No. 4.

After each match, the coach (or team leader) from each team must turn to the referee to sign the match card.
If you forget or refuse to sign the match card, you will automatically lose the match 0-3

§ 10 – Penalties
In case of a draw in crucial matches (finals) the decision takes place in the form of a penalty shootout. Initially 5 players from each team. If the position is still equal, 1 penalty per team (sudden death) until the winner is found.

§ 11 – Club uniforms
In case of uniform wear / color or if the referee estimates that the colors of the two team jerseys are too similar, the first team in the tournament plan must change jerseys.

§ 12 – Referees
All matches are led by referees under the Danish Football Union. Each team will be asked to provide a linesman for all initial group matches. All finals are led by referees and … and if possible … linesmen under the Danish Football Union.

§ 13 – Control
One of the referees under the Danish Football Union is appointed as official inspector. In case of protests, his assessment of the protest is valid. Decisions from here can not be appealed.

§ 14 – Protests
No protests against court orders may be submitted. Protests for other reasons must be submitted to the tournament secretariat immediately and no later than 10 minutes. after the game, which deals with the protest. The opposing team must have a copy of the protest. Submission of protests for free – but lost protest, deducted from the team 2 points.

§ 15 – Discipline
One yellow card automatically gives 5 min’s expulsion. 2 yellow cards or 1 red card in the same match will automatically be banned in the following match. In particularly coarse cases, however, the controlling authority (see section 10) may further increase the penalty.

§ 16 – Cancellation of matches
However, if the minor inspector (see section 10) has given another commitment, a referee may cancel a match:
– If a team without valid reason is late or absent from a match.
– If a team has used a non-player player.
– If the referee estimates that some player / team behavior is so bad that the match can not be settled in good tone, calm and words.
– If the referee feels threatened by one or more players.

§ 17 – Responsibility
All teams must be accompanied by an adult (over 18 years). Their full name, address and age must be shown in the participant list that is handed to the tournament secretariat before the tournament start (see section 4). He is at all times responsible for the players’ behavior throughout the tournament – both on and off the pitch.

§ 18 – Bad behavior
All reports regarding Individual player / team bad behavior is passed to the National Football Association – in this case, DBU.

§ 19 – Insurance
All participating teams are responsible for ensuring that all their players are insured. Organizers and Profile Travel SportConcept is not responsible in case of damage, lost property, theft of personal belongings, guards and the like. This also applies to damages incurred in connection with the tournament.

§ 20 – General
For cases not mentioned in this regulation, the rules of the National Federation apply – in this case, the DBU.