Rules – Verona eSport Cup 2022

It is possible to register two teams of two people per. registered football team. For example: If the club has both a U15 and a U19 team for the tournament, four teams can be enrolled.

The matches are played 2 against 2. It is NOT possible to play 1 against 2 if one player doesn’t show up or in banned.

  • The matches up to the semi-finals will last 4 minutes per half time.
  • Be sure to be there in good time, so you have the most time to make tactics and setup teams.
  • If the match ends whit a draw, you go directly to the penalty shootout.
  • It is possible for all players to join a team, except professional players playing for All Star teams.
  • If you have to play with women’s teams, there must be agreement from both teams.
  • You can have your own controller with you.

NOTE: In 2022, the E-sports tournament will be expanded, so that the clubs can internally hold a “club championship” where the final participants who will compete during the Verona Cup are found. There will be further information when we open for registration (early September). Stay tuned!