It is possible to register two teams of two people per. registered football team. Ie. if the club has both a U15 and a U19 team in the tournament, then four teams can register. Registration will be opened at the beginning of September 2021, and we will send out invitations to the teams that have registered for the Verona Cup.

At the beginning of September 2021, there will also be information about the expansion of the tournament to include “club championships” – ie to hold internal qualifications, to find the players who will represent your club when the E-sports tournament kicks off in Italy in week 42. The qualification ensures that it is the best from each club who will compete for prizes for the whole team – it will be big 😉

It requires one toornament account per. team you sign in. You must have two accounts if you have two teams registered. If you have problems regarding your second/third/fourth…. registration please contact

NOTE! You can only participate in the E-Sport Cup if you are also attending at one of the football teams participating in Verona Cup 2021!