Transport and excursion

Danish buses and drivers

It is important for us that you feel safe and comfortable We therefore have provided good business partners to transport you to and from Lake Garda, and the excursions.

In addition, we also have the opportunity to help you if you want to travel to the Verona Cup by air. Here you can fly to a nearby airport such as Bergamo, Milan or Venice. Whatever the mode of transport we are always ready to help you.

Serious partner

Around the bus transport, we, who organize the Verona Cup and many other events, have chosen Vikingbus as the primary partner.

VikingBus is Denmark’s most experienced bus company which delivers buses for all types of driving tasks – large and small.

For us, a serious partner in this area is a must, as it is not just about transporting people from A to B. When we arrange a tournament, a training stay or similar events, the buses and not least experienced drivers are an important part of it. total package. Typically, the buses (as during the Verona Cup) are also used for driving to and from tracks and training facilities, as well as for excursions and the like during the stay – and therefore it is important that the buses and drivers are part of the overall team. At that point, Vikingbus delivers in particular.

The company has a large and modern fleet of vehicles where safety is top notch, skilled and reliable drivers and they always have control of the logistics, so our travelers arrive at the right place and time – every time. We are super happy with the collaboration with Vikingbus – and so are the many travelers that we have safely left in their care for decades.

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