T-shirts for af school in Malawi

In 2018 SportConcept & Verona Cup sponsored trough Malawi Scholarships some Verona Cup T-shirts for a school in Ruarwe, Malawi. Fantastic to see how much joy these T-shirts can create.

Thanks to Anders, Birte, Lisbeth and Erik from Malawi Scholarships for bringing and delivery of the T-shirts. And many thanks for the pictures from Ruarwe that we share here:

About Malawi Scholarships

The mission of Malawi Scholarships is to contribute to developing Malawi. They do so by providing scholarships to impoverished teenagers who show strong learning abilities and a profound will to change their own situation and to develop their country and to promote entrepreneurship by sharing knowledge about local business opportunities and to support entrepreneurs by by facilitating export and giving loans.

You can read more about Malawi Scholarships here >>