It is a great pleasure to announce that the two former Super League players, Jesper Thygesen and Søren Frederiksen, will both participate in the 10th anniversary edition of the Verona Cup in 2020.

Jesper Thygesen, who many people know today as a football expert at Viasat, will be hosting an evening event for the adult participants – coaches, leaders and traveling parents – with an international football quiz and entertainment on the program! You can look forward to it, because Jesper is certainly not a boring guy!

After a year’s absence, Søren Frederiksen is back as manager of our activity center with, among other things, shooting gallery and speedtest, where he guides and helps the young people at the center. There will also be a freestyle football performance by Adrian Krog at the activity center on Tuesday afternoon, where you can learn a trick or two. Lead the way past our activity center and Søren Frederiksen.

Both of the two gentlemen have tried a bit in the world of football, and they probably know a story or two from the many years in the game 😉