Exciting news about the Verona Cup 2019

Now we can announce some of the many initiatives that come in the 2019 edition of the Verona Cup. The 2018 tournament had 2,200 participants from 6 nations – and we expect it to be even bigger in 2019.

Opening & Presentation ceremony
In 2019 we will move the opening ceremony to another place at Camping Bella Italia. We can not annouce all the details yet, but it will be a big event.

Bigger Activity Centre
In 2018 we presented our new shooting gallery, and in 2019 our activity center will expand on Camping Bella Italia with an 8-band mini-football course.

Lots of exciting matches
The Verona Cup is a well-organized tournament that takes place on very good pitches close to your accommodation (5-10 minutes drive). Danish referees and more than 50 assistants ensure the tournament is completed in the best possible way. There are both A and B finals, and great cups for winners and runner up’s – also a “Player of the Match” in all finals.

FIFA E-Sport tournament
All contributing football teams can participate in the eSport Tournament and fight to become the Verona Cup eSport Champions.

The tournament is settled on Playstation 4 with the latest version FIFA, published in week 42, 2019. Each football team that wants to participate must play with two players who must boast in a 2-to-2 setup in FIFA.

The E-sport tournament is organized in collaboration with AC Horsens and Horsens eSport. We look forward to this tournament in the tournament! Read more here >>

Verona Cup Live Score-app
New update of our great success – the Verona Cup Live Score App – which will make the app even more informative. The app will be available, so coaches, players and parents at home can stay up to date with the individual match results.

Verona Cup Live-TV
In 2019 we will present something completely new … our own “Good evening Verona Cup” from our television studio at Bella Italia. Here you will receive news, interviews, clips from some of today’s matches, etc. Likewise, we will try to live stream some of the finals at the Verona Cup 2019.

New Pitches
By 2019 the pitches will come even closer to the 5-star Camping Bella Italia and Peschiera del Garda. The Verona Cup is played on specially selected pitches, located 5-15 minutes drive from Camping Bella Italia. The hand-picked soccer fields reduce wasting time on transport between Camping Bella Italia and the matches, and you therefore have more time for other activities at the accommodation. It is in every way a win win situation.

One accommodation
Again in 2019, all teams will be accommodated in the 5-star campsite Bella Italia, which offers great opportunities for using the fantastic facilities, participating in the many activities and not least creating new relationships across the different teams.

Silent Disco
The disco party at the last day of the tounnament will be something new and amazing in 2019. We present the “Silent Disco”, the brand new trend in Disco parties.

Big fireworks show
At the end of the tournament, Wednesday night, there will be a huge firework show at Camping Bella Italia – an appropriate way to end the big football tournament and yo say goodbye and see you next year to all your new friends.

More to come
The above are just some of the many initiatives that will be in relation to the Verona Cup 2019 – and there will probably be more. Stay tuned and follow us on the site or follow ours facebook >>